The Externsteine

Understanding its cultural & historical significance for the Celts, the Caesars, the Teutonic Tribes and Charlemagne´s Christian Empire

Damien Pryor

124 Blz., ISBN 9780958134170     
Threshold Publishing, 2011     

Discover the astonishing purpose and influence of the greatest Celtic site in Europe in the only book written about this site in the English language!

  • Why was the Externsteine the most sacred site of the primal European Celts, from about 2500 BC?
  • Why do mystical texts of the Icelandic Edda refer to this site?
  • How did the high priestess of the Teutonic tribes cause the most catastrophic military defeat the Romans ever suffered?
  • Why did Charlemange attack it, in his war against the Teutonic tribes?


  • Strange chambers designed for the solstice and lunar node observation
  • Carvings of hidden faces and mythological beings
  • A sarcophagus used for the mystical 3-day sleep
  • The most culturally significant pre-medieval Christian artwork in all of Europe
  • An ancient Celtic carving about a mystical initiation process

About the author
Damien Pryor is an Australian-born author in spirituality. For decades he has researched spiritual themes extensively. He has visited many sacred sites and studied documents about them in the original language.

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